$ whoami

I am a cyber-wandered who somewhere along the lines of growing up, surrounded with tech, found a passion to explore and tweak it in unconventional ways.

A hobby that started as hacking games soon turned into a passion and now my career! These days I am playing with IoT, SDR, and Machine learning. If any of these jargons excites you, we should talk ;)

I am currently working as a security consultant taking various responsibilities, some of them are -

  • Performing penetration tests on -
    • Web Applications
    • Web Services
    • Mobile apps
    • Networks
  • Performing R&D activities in the security domain for these platforms -
    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • IoT devices
    • Blockchain and Smart Contract applications

In past I have done various other projects such as -

  • Alexa skill for the company
  • Built POCs for migrating from monolithic infrastructure to Kubernetes with KOPS.
  • Built event-driven architecture with MQTT over WebSockets with PubNub.
  • An Etherium based cryptocurrency
  • Made an IoT devices management framework called Amy-Life where enthusiast and hobbyist can build their own Smart devices with Node-MCU and Arduino like boards and use this framework to manage/control them.

Some certificates I have under my belt -

  • CEH
  • ECSA
  • OSCP ( Pursuing )

Contact me at - Twitter Github